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Volcanic Beer
Logo Design
Package design for a small batch beer series.
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Volcanic Beer
Logo Design
Package design for a small batch beer series.
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One False Move
Poster Design
Poster design for the One False Move EP release show.
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Poster Design
Promotional poster for the upcoming Nike shoe, arriving Spring, 2017.
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Low Poly Future
Poster Design
Digital illustration just for the hell of it.
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Poster Design
Another digital illustration in a series.
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Reflektive Infographic
Infographics for Reflektive, an employee performance, engagement and analytics platform. http://blog.reflektive.com/performance-management-best-practices
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Stipe Miocic
Poster Design
Promotional image for Stipe Miocic, the UFC heavyweight champion.
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Poster Design
Gig poster for the late, great English band Oceansize..
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Captain America 75th Anniversary
Print Magazine Design
One-page magazine ad, celebrating Captain America's 75th Anniversary.
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Tenth of December
Book Cover Design
Book cover design for the short story collection by George Saunders.
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Satyr Pale Ale
Logo Design
Logo for Satyr Pale Ale, by Rupert's Brew House, in Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Logo Design
Logo design for the bolani (an Afghani-style turnover) vegetarian food truck in San Francisco www.sabzeefoods.com
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Co-Main Event Podcast
Logo Design
Logo design and variations for the MMA podcast The Co-Main Event, featuring Ben Fowlkes and Chad Dundas.
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Sneaky Sexy Mama
Logo Design
Logo design for the new mom-oriented health and fitness blog.
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Wildwood Adventures
Logo Design
Logo design for Wildwood Adventures, a tour company in Portland, OR www.wildwoodtours.com
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Belme and Brothers Brewing Co.
Logo Design
Logo design for a brewing startup in Auburn, CA.
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Frozen Free Fall Pandora Ad
Mobile Interstitial Design
One of many mobile ads, this one for Pandora
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Poster Design
Promotional poster for the band Deftones.
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Newspaper Ad
Half-page newspaper ad for the online social game ESPN’s World Series of Poker, which ran in USA Today.
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Mount Hood
Poster Design
Promotional poster extolling glorious Mt. Hood.
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Co-Main Event Podcast
Poster Design
Promotional poster design for the Co-Main Event Podcast, with Chad Dundas of ESPN.com and Ben Fowlkes of USA Today. www.comainevent.com/about-us/
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JRE Space Chimpanzee
Digital Painting
Promotional poster for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
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MAA2 X Games Poster
Poster Design
Large-scale print poster shown at X Games events.
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MAA2 Large Banners
Poster Design
Large-scale print banners promoting the game, shown at various conventions.
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MIB Taco Party
Poster Design
Promotional poster for Michael Ian Black's push to become the official spokesperson of Taco Bell.
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395 Luau Poster
Print Design
Poster for the annual AOL building carnival and BBQ
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Poster Design
Promotional poster for Erik Ebeling Graphic Design, featuring Magnus, my parents’ beastish brown labrador.
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Night of the Virgin
Book Jacket Design
Book jacket spread illustration and design for The Night of the Virgin, by Elliott Turner.
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An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish
Book Design, Digital Illustration
Cover design and illustration, plus 40 quarter-page illustrations for the eBook An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish, by Elliott Turner, available on the Kindle and Nook.
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Digital Painting
Duncan refuses to drink anything but the finest craft beers. He will look down on anyone who acts otherwise.
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Digital Painting
Highly self satisfied, completely unimpressed.
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Digital Painting
K.C. smugly presented this portrait to his owner as though he had painted it himself. Such arrogance.
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Digital Painting
Large-scale print of one of the strangest and most fascinating creatures on earth.
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MMA Mount Rushmore
Digital Painting
Illustration for an article on the MMA website Sherdog.com, discussing the most important fighters of all time.
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Sensory Deprivation Tank
Digital Painting
A chimpanzee contemplates existence in the void.
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Shark hunter
Digital Painting
Your standard demon warrior hunting atop a great white shark.